Galerie Romero Paprocki

Galerie Romero Paprocki
Galerie Romero Paprocki


8 Rue Saint-Claude

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Guido Romero Pierini and Tristan Paprocki join forces in 2020 to found the Romero Paprocki gallery, representing contemporary rising and mid-career french and international artists.

For the gallery, settings support any given discourse that highlights the artist’s work as well as his thoughts, the revelation of a shape, its dialogue, its structure of meaning and its articulation. The gallery has to be a unique spacetime, equally favorable to reflection and contemplation, to exchange as much as to introspection.

Guido and Tristan also choose spaces for their museum-like scale so that they live up to the quality of the works that are being displayed in them, with a steady desire to formulate a discourse both visible and legible at the service of art.

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